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The Valve Industry Forum & Expo concept has been developed by analyzing former exhibition activities and trends. Our Forum should meet the growing needs of valve market participants that are not adequately catered for by other Russian exhibitions.


We took into account the following trends:

  • Lack of interest in participation in exhibitions, due to oversupply within the exhibition business as a result of the crisis in 2008 (more>>>).
  • Decline in demand for exhibitions as a sales tool because of the development of the Internet.
  • Re-evaluating the role of exhibitions as a marketing tool.


The needs of valve market participants who are not satisfied with the facilities at ordinary exhibitions:

  1. Marketing demands, especially strategic marketing. The Forum can help its participants to acquire information about valve market trends. It helps them learn the plans and requirements of major customers, as well as the technical and manufacturing capabilities of valve plants. The Forum is the place where new technical and engineering solutions in the valve industry, the latest manufacturing technology and the latest designs of vessel and sealing materials will be presented.
  2. Comprehensive product promotion demands, especially new and innovative products. Presentation of innovative products in a booth is ineffective without additional methods of promotion, such as mass media, presentations, conferences, etc. In addition feedback is also important. This includes the evaluation of innovative products by potential customers. Potential customers can then decide how relevant the product is to them and under what conditions they would buy it.
  3. Individual choice demand. All companies are different and they have different opportunities to participate in exhibitions and different goals and interests. There are companies that cannot afford to buy a booth and there are some that do not need them. Forum participants should be offered the choice to participate in order to make the forum as relevant and cost effective as possible.


The forum can meet all these needs. It is like an exhibition event which is focused on the business programme, consisting of conferences, round tables and seminars on the most relevant issues of the valve industry. Within the framework of the forum there is a strong concentration on inter-industry communication, which allows managing directors and specialists to gain unique insight that can’t be found in publications, on the Internet or in the press. Neither is the information available in statistical studies, analytical reviews of the valve market or from other formal sources. The main goal of the forum is to organize highly efficient face-to-face contact between experts in different specializations.


Thus, the subject of the Forum is not just square metres as in the ordinary exhibitions but highly professional communication. Having said that the more important your product, the more relevant it is to have a good display area within the pavilion.


As an integral part of the Scientific and Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA), the Valve Industry Forum & Expo provides a comprehensive approach to the promotion of new products that include the Valve Industry magazine, a number of websites and others. Due to the specifics of the event, the Forum organizers take into account the goals and interests of their participants. Complex participation in the conference programme, for example, doesn’t require a booth. In order to promote innovations, in addition to a booth, exhibitors can participate in business programme events and can choose other variations of participation (Innovations Gallery).


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