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Variations of participation


The Forum organizers take into consideration that all exhibitors are different, with different goals and budgets. That’s why we offer the following variations of participation:




Participation in the Forum as an exhibitor is aimed at large companies with a well-known brand name. This variation provides all services at the Forum. Depending on the size of a booth, exhibitors can participate in all the activities of the Forum, promote their brand name and their products on special terms.


All presentational booths are the places for business communication. Within the framework of the Forum they are not just meeting places for visitors but also a way to further develop business cooperation with other companies.
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Participation in the Forum as an innovator is an opportunity mostly aimed at new and innovative companies with limited financial resources. These companies are trying to gain a reputation within the valve market with new engineering designs, technical ideas and solutions. Often, such companies do not have an opportunity to afford a big booth, but they do want to share their ideas with experts and present their competitive advantages over the other specialists in the market. The Forum will give them such an opportunity.
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Participation in the Forum as a delegate is aimed at specialists of research institutes, valve consumers, commercial organizations, as well as valve manufacturers. This facility enables delegates to attend because they are interested in market trends and technical innovations in the valve industry rather than promoting their brand names or products.
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One of the events at the Forum is the plenary conference. Relevant issues for the developmental strategy of the national valve industry, within the context of the general economic environment and the industrial policies of the Russian Government will be discussed.

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The different levels of participation mentioned above not all we offer. We can help you to organize your company’s presentation at the Forum and place a promotional video on plasma screens in the main hall. You can also get support with advertising and information from the partnership’s broadcast media and papers.


Finally, you can visit our Forum and see everything for yourself. We are sure you’ll find it valuable.


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