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The results of the Valve Industry Forum & Expo’2016

The 3rd International Valve Industry Forum & Expo’2016. Industrial pipeline valves for oil and gas industry, power engineering, chemistry, housing and public utilities. was held in Moscow on June 21 – 23, 2016!






Forum was held under the aegis of the Scientific and Industrial Valve Manufacturers Association (NPAA) and supported by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, ASTM International, European Association for the Valve Industry (CEIR). Organizer of the Forum – “Industrial Forum” JSC.


General Sponsor of the Forum became “Saratovenergomashcomplect”. Sponsors of Business programme events – “Ilma” LLC and “AUMA ACTUATORS” ltd.





For free days pavilion 75 of VDNH became a meeting place for pipeline valve designers, manufacturers and consumers – specialists o foil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries, housing and public utilities, power engineering, and related industries (foundries and forgings, manufacturers of actuators, suppliers of seals, coating and oiling materials, machine tool building and automation, engineering and project organizations), standards, regulations and specifications developers



During the last 3 years Forum were becoming popular among professionals as the ground for communication and constructive dialogue between highly skilled specialists of valve industry, industrialists, businessmen, representatives of government authorities and scientists and opportunity to find reliable partners and investors. Such advantages were highlighted in welcome speeches of the participants of the Opening ceremony: 

  • Panchenko Igor Vladimirovich – member of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation representing the Tula Region, member of the Council of the Federation Committee on Economic Policy, Chairman of the Council of Association of oil and gas equipment producers, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the 3rd Valve Industry Forum&Expo'16;
  • Lisitsyn Anatoliy Ivanovich - member of the Council of the Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;
  • Ishchenko Anton Anatolyevich – deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, member of the State Duma Committee on budget and taxes;
  • Fateev Maksim Albertovich  - Vice President of the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation;
  • Shmal Genadiy Iosifovich  - President of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia;
  • Yurteev Vladimir Yakovlevich – Deputy Chairman of the Exhibition Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, member of Expert Council of the State Duma Committee on industry.






The 3rd International VALVE INDUSTRY FORUM & EXPO’2016 has become notable for its famous participants – Awarding Ceremonies “Honorary Valve Manufacturer” (established by NPAA), “Valve Manufacturer of the year” and “Expert of the Year”  (established by and magazine “VestnikArmaturshchika”) were held during the Forum.


By the decision of NPAA board the title “Honorary Valve Manufacturer” was awarded to:

  • Kisel Viktor Leonidovich  - Kyiv Central Design Bureau;
  • Rotenberg Iosif Grigoryevich – Research and Production Association “GAKS-Armservis”
  • Mozzhechkov Vladimir Anatolievich  - “Tulaelectroprivod” JSC;
  • Kovalev Valeriy Nikolaevich – “Volgogradneftemash”JSC;
  • Polkovnikov Vladimir  Borisovich – “Tyazhpromarmatura” JSC".



Title “Valve manufacturer of the year” was awarded to:

  • Shusharin Alexandr Pavlovich, Director General of “RTMT” ;
  • Doronin Sergey Olegovich  , Director General of  “Temper”;
  • Osadchiy Sergey Vladimirovich, Director General of “GEAZ”.

Technical expert of Armtorg.tu Skorikov Yuriy Ivanovich was awarded the honorary title “Expert of the year”.




Business Programme

1. Scientific and technical Conference “Innovalve”

Traditionally Scientific and technical Conference “Innovalve (Engineering innovations in the sphere of valve industry. Technical expertise of innovations)” is the main event of the International Valve Industry Forum & Expo. Annually many topics devoted to engineering and technical solutions in the sphere of valve and related industries and innovative projects are offered for the discussion of specialists. All reports are preliminarily analyzed and confirmed by the Expert Council of the Forum.  


In 2016 10 companies presented their innovative products at the Conference:

  • Modernization of ball valves for main pipelines in order to reduce costs and extend their lifetime. Innovations for oil and gas sector in Russia, Moroz V.V., Technical expert of “MosCKBA” JSC,  Loganov Y.D., Director General of “MosCKBA” JSC
  • Localization of high technology valves, Kirzhner R.D., Chief engineer of “Norrexim Rus” JSC, “Plant of special industrial valves” JSC;
  • LVM. On-off and control valves with high parameters for technical solutions of flow control in extreme conditions, Anufriev V. P. “LortexEco”;
  • Intellectual property risks in innovative projects for valve industry, Lopatin V.N., Doctor of Juridical Science, Director general of the Republican Scientific Research Institute of Intellectual Property (RSRIIP),Chairman of Technical Committee on standardization “Intellectual property”;
  • Valve gland. Ways to increase reliability, Isaev О. Y., Director General, “Sealur”;
  • Quality system, innovations, engineering – key tools for “Ilma” to achieve competitive ability on the market of industrial sealings, Epishov А.P., Director General of “Ilma”;
  • Technical solution of new control valve for oil and gas equipment, Karelin I.N., Doctor of Engineering Science, professor of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas;
  • Control and shut off double seat valves of new generation, Efremov Е.Y., Deputy Director of “Tezaurus”ltd.;
  • Application of clamp hubs in high pressure pipeline valves,   Kuznetsov К.А., Viryukin V.P., Verhozin N.А., Fesyuk Е.V., IrkutskNIIhimmash” JSC;
  • Thermal spraying for protection of parts in valve industry  - Devyatyarov М. S., Director of the department on thermal spraying of “Mashprom” JSC. 


Sponsor of the Conference in 2016 became “ILMA” LLC, moderator – Fedin S.A. member of Technical Expert Council of the Forum,  Chief Technology Officer of “Saratovenergomashcomplect”.



2. Discussion club “Standardization in the Russian valve industry: global integration or independent development”


Discussion club “Standardization in the Russian valve industry: global integration or independent development” was devoted to the discussion of the Federal law  № 162-F3 “On standardization in the Russian Federation”, its key points, working out standards and regulatory documents in new conditions.   


Pugachev Sergey Vasilyevich, Chairman of the Committee on technical regulation, standardization and conformity assessment (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation),   Deputy Head of “National Association of builders” (NOSTROY) became the moderator of the event. 


 Among experts of the Discussion club there were:

  • Realization of the Federal law “On standardization in the Russian Federation”, Leonidov К.V., Director of the Department of State Policy in Technical Regulation, Standardization and Unity of Measurements, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • First basic standards in the Russian Federation and development of  provisions of law № 162-FЗ and subordinate acts, Barykin A.N.,  Federal Agency on technical regulating and metrology;
  • Role of Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in adoption and realization of the Federal law № 162 "On standardization in the Russian Federation”,  Demakov I. L., Executive Secretary of the Committee on technical regulating,  standardization and quality assessment, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.  
  • New standards in the sphere of pipeline valves. Новые стандарты в области трубопроводной арматуры, Dunaevskiy S.N., executive secretary of Technical Committee 259 on standardization “Pipeline valves and bellows”, Deputy Director of NPF “CKBA”;
  • 7 steps to become more effective on the local level and more competitive on the global level,  Kornilyev А.P., representative of ASTM International;
  • Legal use of foreign standards in the Russian Federation, Kim S.V., Director General “Normdoks”;


Working out and implementation of reference data system on the basis of single classification number in the State Information System “Industry”, Kornienko I.А., Deputy Director of FBU KVF “Interstandart".


3. Discussion club “Ways to implement innovation in oil and gas industry facilities”

The event had been expected to be the most interesting one and all expectations of participants were satisfied in full.  


Constructive dialogue succeeded due to diverse and important topics (State and corporate support measures for domestic developers and manufacturers of innovative products for fuel and energy complex, import substitution and role of project organizations in its realization, transfer of advanced technologies in Russian fuel and energy complex by the example of vertically integrated oil and gas companies) as well as due to famous experts and participants.


Andreeva Natalia Nikolaevna, Doctor of Engineering Science, Chairman of the Expert Council (Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia), Vice President on strategic development, “RusGazEngineering” became the moderator of the event. 


Main topics discussed by the participants became current problems of inter-industry cooperation between consumers and manufacturers of pipeline valves for oil and gas industry:

  • Import substitution – "Window of opportunities” for Russian industry, Rogachev S.А., Head of the Department of technological partnership and import substitution “Gazprom Neft” PJSC;
  • Testing ground – opinion of expert community, Andreeva N. N., Doctor of Engineering Science, Chairman of the Expert Council (Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia), Vice President on strategic development, “RusGazEngineering”;
  • Technological park of VNIIST” JSC. Implementation of new technologies in oil and gas industry, Morozov О.О., Director General “VNIIST”JSC, Kolchev  S.A. Director of automation systems department.
  • Quality of cast body parts of valves and pumps, Flegentov I.A., Zhevelev O.Y. “LLC "Transneft Research and Development Institute for Oil and Oil Products Transportation"
  • Pipeline valves as the basis of passive protection systems, Ilyinih E.A., Chinyaev I.R., Shanaurin A.l., Fominykh A.V. NPF “MKT ASDM” LLC.


5. Round-table discussion “Topical issues of design and exploitation of pipeline valves for power facilities

Opportunities of technical diagnostics of valves for Atomic Power Stations and problem of its reliability, development, production, certification and supplies of valves for fast fission reactors, use of special steels for production of valves used in extreme conditions and other problems of inter-industry cooperation between power engineers and manufacturers of valves for fuel and energy complex were discussed during the Round-table discussion “Topical issues of design and exploitation of pipeline valves for power facilities”.    


Representatives of the largest Russian consumers – energy providers, thermal power plants, project and operating organizations were invited to become experts of the event. The following reports were presented during the event: 


  • Electrical energy consumption in Russia  up to - Nigmatulin B.I., Director General, “Institute for Energy Research” ltd.;
  • Implementation of innovative solutions of small and medium business entities for State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” on the basis of “one contract” principle - Zmienko D.S., Innovations management unit, State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom”;
  • New types of protective devices to replace spring loaded safety valves - Volkov M. V., engineer of “NPO Regulyator” JSC;
  • New products for fast fission reactors -  Zhilin А. N., Deputy Director General of “Kurganspetsarmatura”JSC;
  • Opportunities of Russian manufacturers for construction of the third stage of the second phase of the South-Western TPP in 2015.    - Kolomiets А.G., Deputy Director General “South-Western TPP”.



6. Round-table discussion “Aggressive medium: domestic manufacturing capacities”

Round-table discussion “Aggressive medium: domestic manufacturing capacities” was originally planned to become the ground for direct dialogue between manufacturers and consumers of industrial pipeline valves. The aim was achieved: the event gathered together specialists of chemical industry and valve manufacturers. The event was held by Ter-Mateosyants I.T. – Executive Director of NPAA and Yagud B.Y. - Chairman of Executive board, NP “Neftegazohimproekt”, executive director – Association of Chlorine Industry “RusChlor”.


Diverse and interesting reports were focused on the most important problems of chemical industry:

  • Problems of certification and access to hazardous industrial facilities of pipeline valves and other chemical equipment Demand of Russian companies of chlorine and petrochemical industries for pipeline valves, Yagud B.Y. - Chairman of Executive board, NP “Neftegazohimproekt”, executive director – Association of Chlorine Industry “RusChlor”.
  • Valves for chlorine, phosgene, dichloroethane, Martin Greenhalgh, Technical Director Flowstream International Ltd.;
  • State support measures for import substituting projects and localization of technologies and equipment production, Dumbrava V.O.,  Chief specialist of machine building department,  Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation;
  • Valves with high parameters for aggressive medium, AnufrievV.P.,  Director General of  “Lortex Eco”;
  • Technical innovations in engineering of  surface of parts, use of termochemical treatment, Tsikh S.G., Director General,  “Termohim” ltd.;  
  • Use of parts with mineral coating in different aggressive mediums, Skazochkin A.V., Deputy Director General on development, science and innovations “Research and production centre “Technologies of mineral coatings” ltd.;
  • Modern asbestos-free packing in service maintenance system for companies of chemical industry, Evseenko N.S. Head of customers department, “Ilma” LLC.



7. Seminar “Special aspects of process medium flow control”

The Seminar “Special aspects of process medium flow control” was devoted to design features of control valves, special aspects of its exploitation, reparability,  maintenance, control and diagnostics as well as aims facing specialists during choice and calculation of this type of valves.

“AUMA ACTUATORS” ltd. became the Sponsor of the event. The list of participants included “ “Metso”ltd., JSC “NIKIET”, NTP “Truboprovod”,  SME Tomsk Electronic Company , “Regulyator” JSC, “Sarapulsk electric generator plant” JSC.

Reports of experts – specialists of leading valve manufacturers, repair and operating organizations were presented: 

  • Problems of control pipeline valves selection, exploitation and diagnostics, Ostrovtsev P.V., expert of NPAA in the sphere of exploitation of valves;
  • Problems of the development of accidental discharge systems and choice of safety relief valves, Korelshteyn L.B., Deputy Scientific Director of NTP “Truboprovod”;
  • AUMA technical solution for process mediumflow control, Yakunkin Y.M.  engineer on special equipment of “AUMA ACTUATORS” ltd.;
  • Electric actuators of “RemTEK”. Use of Russian electric actuators for process medium flow control, Dubrovin A.N., Deputy Head of SME Tomsk Electronic Company;
  • Stochastic model of the primary stage of hydrodynamic cavitation during operation of pressure control valve, Kapranova A.B. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Deputy Director General of “Regulyator” JSC;
  • Production of electric generators in accordance with customers’ technical specifications by Sarapulsk electric generators plant, Chuverov Y. А., Marketing Director “Sarapulsk electric generators plant” JSC.


Specialists of the leading companies – consumers of pipeline valves, repair and operating organizations became experts and speakers of the Forum: “Gazprom” PJSC, “Gazprom neft” PJSC, LLC “Transneft Research and Development Institute for Oil and Oil Products Transportation, “Rosatom”, “Rosenergoatom Concern”OJSC,  “VNIIST” JSC, “RusGazEngineering”, “Mosenergo” JSC, “Kvatra” JSC “KINEF” LLC., Federal Agency on  Technical Regulating and Metrology, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Federal State-funded Institution “Interstandartat”,  “Gubkin Russian State University of oiland gas”, “IrkutskNIIhimmash” JSC, “Uralkali”, “EuroChem”, Association “Ruschlor”, Russian union of chemists, ASTM International, “RusGazEngineering” group of companies etc.


Participants and visitors appreciated high level of organization and the diversity of Business programme events.  

Innovations Gallery

Innovations Gallery traditionally became very popular among visitors. The following companies presented their innovative products:  Research and production centre Technologies of mineral coatings LLC, “INGO” LLC, “Sealur”, “ATM Group”LLC, “IrkutskNIIhimmash” JSC, “Lortex Eco” ltd., “Rotork RUS”, “Sarmat”, “Birs” LLC, “Mashprom” JSC, “KPSR Group”.





Demonstration ground

The real success of the 3rd International Valve Forum & Expo’2016 became Demonstration ground. It was attracting interest of visitors during the whole 3 days.


Specialists of TechPromArma held presentation of their new product – pressure autostabilizers intended for protection of pipelines against accident overpressure, complete damping of water-hammer effects, pressure fluctuations. The presentation was followed by hydraulic tests of seals and sealing materials produced by different companies.   



Traditionally the best stands of Exhibition were announced during the final day of the Forum. Not only design and appearance of stands were taken into account but also work of stand assistants. This year it was difficult for the jury to make a decision because of large number of challengers.


In accordance with voting results the best stand was of “Regulyator” JSC, Yaroslavl;   



The second best stand became the one of  “SEALUR” LLC,Perm;   



Trading House "VOTKINSKY ZAVOD" JSC, Udmurt Republic and United metallurgical company, Blagoveschensk, Republic of Bashkortostan took the 3rd place.





Congratulations to our winners!



Valve Industry Forum & Expo’2016 has shown that participants brought to the Forum their best products, advanced ideas and offers for the development of valve industry.  It is very important that such innovative solutions have raised interest of valve manufacturers and consumers.


We will be glad to see You and Your colleagues among the participants of the 4th International Valve Industry Forum & Expo’2017, which will be held in Moscow, VDNH (pavilion 75), on June 7-9, 2017.


Supported by:
Торгово-промышленная палата

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Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation      ASTM   Деловая Россия


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